The blog is moving!!!

It is official this blog is now located at All the Creatures and I am in the process of adding redirects from the posts here to the posts over there. Yes the entire blog is now over there. There is a great new title banner and I have added a new page just for news videos about animals.

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Moving the blog to it’s own domain name

I think that the time has come to move the blog from wordpress to it’s own domain name. I am currently looking into how to do this with very little stress on my part. The blog may end up at All the Creatures and take the place of that website. At this point I am learning all about FTP and  With over 2,000 visitors a day now (for the past week), the blog is growing faster than ever. I want to offer the readers of this blog more information but some of it might offend someone. Those that are offended could complain and I would be a the mercy of wordpress. I want freedom of the press at this point.

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