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If you have an animal web site and need more people to visit it then just submit your web site link to me. I will take a look at the site and if it would be of a benefit to the visitors of “All the Critters” I will add it to my front page under “Animal sites”. You don’t have to link back to my blog, but I sure would like it. Please keep in mind that I am picky, no, very picky about what links will appear on this blog.

I do have some guide lines for your site. I will not accept sites that have pop-up or pop-under advertising. Also I will not accept “link farms” which are sites that are nothing more than links to other sites. The web site has to be a web site NOT a blog. The site has to be in English, since I can’t read another language – wish I could but I had 3 years of Spanish and 2 years of French and none of it sunk in.

Here is the big bonus: I will keep track of how many of my visitors click thru to your site from my blog and the more clicks you get the higher on my list you will go.

Well, what are you waiting for? Submit your link to an animal site!


4 responses to “Add a link

  1. Hi:
    I´m from Argentina, an animal lover as you, and I´d love you check out my blog:
    Bye, Loli

  2. Thanks for your comment Loli. I visited your blog but it does not fall under my guidelines. If I get the time I might add another page here on my blog just to list links to blogs.

  3. JJ

    The following comment was submitting on my About page. I have moved it here.

    New Mexico Rides in Style!

    Your online resource for horse related events, products, services, clubs and organizations in and around New Mexico,
    The Land of Enchantment.

  4. JJ

    Well I had to remove a few links. Horsewoman never gave a reciprocal link (her promise not mine) and some of the other links were to dead ends.

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